1. My bands playing a show tonight. So pumped. If you follow me and you havent heard us yet, check us out on facebook. Thanks. ;)
  2. Goddamn i love bitches, especially when they only suck dick and wash dishes.

  3. marlalovescats said: hey hey hey hey hey hey heeeeeeeey i love you boo<3

    hey hey hey hey hey heeeeeeeey i love you too<3

  5. My opinion on “pretty” and “beautiful.”

    Okay, so i see that a lot of guys will call a girl they dont even know beautiful. 

    And it really bothers me. Because, in my mind, no person should be called beautiful unless they are on the inside. Lets say, I see a really pretty girl. Who acts like a complete bitch and thinks the world owes her everything. She is automatically ugly to me. Yes, ugly. I dont want to know her, talk to her, fuck her, etc. She is unattractive. Now, lets say i met another girl. Not as visually appealing, but kind, generous, always happy, a hard worker. Instantly a million times more attractive to me than any stuck up bitch who thinks shes too good for anyone else. This is all hypothetical though, as i have had the same girlfriend for 15 months. And you know why weve been together for 15 months? because i dont date based on looks alone. I look for someone I ACTUALLY like and can stand to be around. And if everyone else did the same, they’d be a lot happier in the end. so, in short, you arent really beautiful unless you are on the inside. If you have no personality, then you’re just a display. No real purpose or function.Thats all.

  6. Gotta love Newman. 
  7. TRUE.
  8. 1&#8221;World 1-2&#8221; Chip-boy 9000 (HAHA)
2&#8221;Synthesize Me, Captain&#8221; Everyone Dies In Utah
3&#8221;This Aint A Scene, Its An Arm&#8217;s Race&#8221; Fall Out Boy
4&#8221;Paper Planes Remix(Freestyle)&#8221; Lil Wayne
5&#8221;So I Cold I Could See My Breath&#8221; Emery
6&#8221;Right Above It Remix&#8221; Nick Monty
7&#8221;I Was Once A Loyal Lover&#8221; Death Cab For Cutie
8&#8221;Heroes Die&#8221; HORSE The Band
  9. So I havent slept at all tonight.

    Probably cause I was thinking about my gurlfrandddd. ;)

  10. so, who has skype?

    add me. davidlpeacock

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